Peura Talot log houses are made of uniquely constructed, high quality laminated logs.

The Peura Talot log profile is the result of long and dedicated product development. Logs are joined with a high precision wedged tongue and groove joint.

The bottom of the log has a capillary break (tested by VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland) that prevents water from rising up into log joints. The top part of the profile has no groove so it's not possible for water to drip into log joints.

Depending on the intended use of your building, you can choose the type of log that suits you best from a selection of different strengths and thicknesses. Laminated logs are glued together from several parts of wood in such a way that the hardest part of the tree, the core, is actually on the surface and thus it remains beautiful year after year.

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Peura Talot log innovation has been called ´the best of the best´ due to the following reasons:

1. The Peura Talot log profile has no top groove, which keeps water out of log joints.

2. The wedged tongue and groove fits logs with high precision.

3. Tested and trade dress protected capillary breaks stops water from entering log joints.

4. The rounded-shape profile stops water and dust from collecting in log joints, which is commonplace for square-shaped profiles.

5. The log profile includes insulation spikes that push insulation material tightly into place and thus create an excellent layer of insulation.

6. With a curved top, there is no possibility for water to start collecting on the log, a commonplace occurrence with pool-like top structures.

7. The log laminating technique brings the hardest part of the wood to the surface of the log. This effectively prevents the log from twisting or any cracks appearing on the surface, year after year.

Log house benefits

For centuries, Finland has maintained a very highly regarded culture of log building. A log house manifests old Finnish traditions and our love for nature. Logs are a durable building material, and when built correctly and well looked after, a log house will last for hundreds of years.

A log house is a healthy home. Logs retain warmth within and make an energy efficient choice. They provide clean internal air, and because logs are a breathable natural material they maintain a very comfortable internal ambiance year round.
A log house makes a highly regarded home, which will retain its value for many years to come.

Why choose a Peura Talot log house?


We are happy to customise any of our log house models to your preferences.

Raw materials

We only use high quality logs and other materials sourced from Finland.


We build log houses with 50 years of experience.


We are considerate of environmental values at every step of our production.